Fresh Peppers

We are hoping to open very soon (2021). We are going to have hundreds of varieties all will be hot peppers from super hot to mildly hot. Pods are coming from our seeds production and our new fresh pepper production. You will be able to buy 1/2 Lbs To 5 Lbs. In 1 Lbs Increments after the 1/2 Lb. we are trying to find the best and Affordable shipping methods for these shipments. But we are finding shipping cost are not going to be cheap. We have a couple of more Shipping Methods to look into. 

We will be adding varieties as they come off the plants so pods will always be fresh. availability will differ as we harvest but we are planing to have pre ordering so if you order a variety you will be the first to get them as they become available. You will not be charged until your order ships. We will also take bulk orders but you will have to let us know what you want before the growing season starts so we can plan ahead and grow the Appropriate number of plants to fill your order. This dead line will be March 1 of the coming years growing season. 

We look forward to filling your order and we thank you for picking APS Fresh Peppers. 

Update Sep 26 2021

shipping is going to be the problem here as the cheapest shipping we can find is 18.95 plus taxs for 5 kg or 11lbs but the box that is provided for this $18 shipping is only big enough to fit around 5-8lbs max. And the next size is $27 for 8kg or 15lbs and the box would only likely holed about 10 lbs if fresh peppers. We would love to hear what you think about this shipping cost and if you know of a shipper that has better rates. If you do or if you would like to inform us please email us at